The Pilgrim’s Song

Going to the place of execution,

Eyes full of hopelessness and despair,

A mind filled with sorrow at the realization,

That the punishment was both just and fair.

People lined streets with heads a-shaking,

The prisoner stooped low with shame,

While every lip was affirming,

That he must face everlasting pain.

Then, stepping out of the crowd, came a figure,

Who addressed the guards of that son of Cain,

“Take the shackles from him, fling them far away,

“Set him free, let him go – for in his place I will be slain.”

Shackles removed, the sentenced lifted,

The murderer was set at liberty,

While a man he had once inflicted,

Paid his debt in all its agony.

Oh, the sorrow and shame it brings,

The remembrance of these former things!

My heart is ripped asunder,

My pride is shaken to it’s core.

Joy and tears are intertwined,

When I consider the lifting of that hefty fine,

For by the name of that criminal I was defined,

Yes, all these wicked crimes were mine.

I was given a life full of good,

But turned my back upon the giver,

Walking away, I went where I would,

And soon became a reckless sinner.

Doing and saying so much that was villainous,

And despising all that was not of vulgarity,

Building up a list of all that was perverse,

I was condemned to pay for deeds done upon earth.

But the very one that I had left,

The same that I had scorned,

Paid it all, beyond the deeds that I have done,

To the sins I have yet to perform.

For almighty God and yet man,

The creator of all that is and is to be,

Jesus Christ, my saviour,

Died  upon a cross, at a place called Calvary

So it is by grace alone that I stand grateful and set free,

And trusting in that saving grace, now follow after He,

Who, when I approached broken and with humility,

For to plead for that same grace, said, “Come, follow after me.”

© 2009 B-P. J. Scotton

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