New Christmas Songs, Anyone?

1-_coversmallDon’t wish to scare you, but Christmas is just around the corner! For most of us in the Western world, that means shopping, extremely loud decorations and, of course, the Christmas music.

The trouble with Christmas music is most artists seem to rehash exactly the same music we’ve heard every year, seemly since time immemorial. How many times do you expect to hear  “Oh, Holy Night” this month? Is there actually anyone out there looking forward to hearing “Jingle Bells”?

To be fair, there are good reasons for this. We like nostalgia and some of these songs have been around for so long because they are the best Christmas songs. They’re classics. Still, Christmas albums often seem a bit, well, repetitive.

That’s why it is particularly refreshing when someone writes some new Christmas songs. Especially when they are performed to a high standard and carry deep meaning, transcending the usual fluff we get this time of year.

Sound interesting? Then you should enjoy JJ Heller’s new Christmas album, “Unto Us”.

While it does have many traditional songs, it mixes them up with some brand new ones. Visit this website to find out more: Oh, and if you are on Twitter, she’s been posting some great offers and easy ways you can “gift” the album to a friend.

There, that’s the plug done (a tad late for Cyber Monday, I know). Promise not to do anymore this side of 2017. OK?

The Ghost of a King

350x350bbTo me, art is communication through human imagination. If this is true, great art communicates profound thought clearly.

And that’s one of the main reasons why I love The Gray Havens’ latest album, Ghost of a King, so much.

Through the poetry of the album’s 9 songs, Dave and Licia Radford discuss the search for happiness, Creation, the fall of humanity, marriage, Heaven, the federal headships of Adam & Jesus, God’s great plan of redemption, the work of the Holy Spirit and the relationship between Christians and others.

Plus, musically, this album is superb. Each song is a very different from the next, while still fitting together, and the sound compliments the profound lyrics at every turn.

Check the album out here and be sure to visit their website,

A Note to My Sweetheart

A Note to My Sweetheart

2016-11-11 19.04.39.jpgToday is a day of remembrance around the world. We pause to remember those who gave so much for us.

It’s also the day when, 3 years ago, I went on my first date with the sweetest girl in all the world.

Beth, that first evening was scary for both us, but I am so glad we carried on.

I’ve seen you battle great giants and carry on despite the terror. Allow me to say for the record I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. It is a privilege to know you as my best friend.

Every time I catch your smile, hear your laugh and learn more of your heart, I know I love you even more.

There are two things which will always amaze me, two things I shall never truly
understand. The first, the Grace of God given to me through Jesus, and the second, that you should call my heart your home.

Thank you, my love.


Your Ben xxxx