A Brief Intro

20160611_133844-2Hello there! My name’s Ben. I am a born-again Christian and a married twenty-something living in the middle of England, UK.

In my spare time, I enjoy theological works, Tolkien, jogging, drawing, good coffee and writing.

This blog is my part-time labour of love – there for those moments when my creative urges get the better of me.

So this is a very personal blog. Unashamedly Evangelical, shamelessly eclectic. Written by me for me. But should you find the content interesting, please feel free to peruse the pages and posts at your leisure!

If you would like to know more about me, my story can be found here and my church family’s website is here.

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      1. oh i attended a talk/seminar by an evangelist. then i got curious about the faith. slowly i learnt more about the faith, finally i accepted jesus. 🙂

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